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American fish and seafood - seafood america

Since the majority of states (and thus people) of the United States are landlocked, seafood does not play as important of a role in American diets as it does in other countries. Although large American cities, such as New York, Boston and Los Angeles are located near the ocean, Americans, as a whole, tend to chose farm produce (beef, chicken, lamb ext) over seafood as their main course dishes. This is simply because America developed mainly as a farming society, and the traditions of having farm produce for meals was passed down from one generation to the next. However, many Americans (notably on the East Coast) enjoy having seafood on special occasions and seafood is still an important part of the American economy. Popular American seafoods, at restaurants, in the home and at parties, include lobsters, oysters and crab.

Lobster is a popular seafood delicacy to many American, especially in the eastern United States areas of Boston and Maine, who are known for their lobster companies and restaurants. It’s considered a delicacy because of its high price: usually over $20 per pound to buy and more expensive in restaurants. Lobster can be eaten in a variety of ways, including in a salad, soups or usually by breaking of the claws and eating the meat directly off the body of the lobster. Lobsters are prepared by dropping the lobster, usually while still alive, into boiling water, thus killing the lobster and cooking it at the same time. Some animal activist groups have argued that this is an inhumane practice, which has led to legislation in some areas stating that the lobster must be killed (usually by cutting the head with a knife) before it is dropped into the boiling water.

seafood america

Oysters are another popular American seafood, especially at summer cookouts and BBQs. Although oysters are famous for creating a pearl, this kinds of oysters are not usually consumed. Therefore, one should not be afraid of getting an extra “surprise” in their meal. Oysters are cheap to buy, especially in the Chesapeake region where they are harvested, and usually cost less than $5 per dozen. Their cheap price and high nutritional value/low calorie value makes them a popular choice for summer parties. Oysters can be cooked in a variety ways, including: grilled, baked boiled and fried. The way that they are prepared is usually determined by the taste preference of the consumer. Oysters cheap price, high value and multiple ways to be prepared make them an excellent seafood choice for any event.

Crabs are one of the most popular American seafood choices, making up 20% of all seafood consumed by Americans. Crab meat is high in nutritional value and varies in cost depending on if a person buys the entire crab or just the crab meat. Crab meat can be prepared in a variety of ways, usually depending on the kind of crab. For instance, soft-shell crabs are usually eaten whole (including the shell) while only the meat on the legs and claws are eaten on Snow Crabs. Crab meat can be formed into a variety of recipes, including soups, the popular American crab cake or being placed into seafood salad. Like with lobster, crabs are killed and prepared by being placed into boiling water. This practice with crabs, however, has raised little objection on ground of animal cruelty, as recent studies have concluded that crabs are unable to feel pain.

Although seafood is not the staple of the American diet, as it is in many other cultures, seafood is still enjoyed by millions of Americans. Crab meat is a longtime American favorite, lobster is seen as a luxury food and oysters are enjoyed by all classes.

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