Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Great Summer BBQ Dishes

Summer barbeques (BBQ) are an important part of American culture. Friends and family gather outside to laugh and spend time together as they cook delicious chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. If you’re hosting a BBQ, you want the food at your party to stand out among the dozens of other summer BBQ’s your friends will attend. Using popular meat platforms, such as BBQ chicken and hamburgers, but changing the way in which you cook them, creates unique dishes that your guests will enjoy and remember. 

barbeque(bbq) chicken

Chicken has long been a favorite meat among summer BBQ’s. There are dozens of different ways to grill chicken, and thousands of BBQ sauce recipes on the web. When you are beginning to host your annual Summer BBQ, it’s important to try out several different BBQ chicken recipes on guests. You need to watch their reactions to the BBQ chicken and find out which recipes they liked best. When the you find a BBQ chicken recipe that the majority of the hosts enjoy, they should then try to perfect this recipe. An important part of BBQ chicken is to find a seasoning that seeps into the chicken, and does not simply coat the surface. This way, the unique taste of the recipe will be present in every bite, not just the typical first several bites. Having a recipe that does this, such as a Honey Mustard sauce, will make the hosts’ BBQ chicken memorable. A fantastic Honey Mustard Sauce is made by mixing 1/3 C mustard, 1/4 C Honey and 2 Tablespoons of Mayo in a dish, and then coating this over the chicken before grilling. This recipe is known for seeping into the chicken, and creating the memorable taste throughout the chicken that guests will remember. 

Besides having great tasting food, having unique food can also help make your BBQ memorable. Unique dishes do not have to be strange or even that different, just something yummy that stands out. A great unique dish is the “inside out cheeseburger” where the cheese is on the inside beef patty. Although this sounds confusing, it’s really easy to make. To make an inside out cheeseburger, you need to create to separate, thin patties and then sandwich the piece of cheese between the two patties. When you grill this new sandwich, the cheese will cook between the two, causing it to ooze out when eaten. This is a very tasty dish that guests will remember and continue to talk about for summer to come. 

barbeques(bbq) dishes

In addition to the main BBQ meats, side dishes are also an important part of the BBQ meal. Popular BBQ side dishes include various salads and desserts. Popular salads include the famous chicken caesar salad, garden salad and pasta salad. When serving salads, it's important to remember to offer many dressing choices, as people will often not try a salad unless their favorite dressing is offered. Fruit salads are also popular. When serving a fruit salad, it’s usually a wise choice to use traditional fruts (such as watermelon, grapes, honeydew, grapes and strawberries) instead of also mixing in less popular fruits (oranges, star fruits, blackberries) as these fruits tend to be less popular and may cause people not to try your salad. Popular summer desserts often include fruits, such as berry pies and tarts or ice cream. 

Summer BBQ's are an important part of many American’s summers. It’s a time for family and friends to gather, tell stories and enjoy great food. When making BBQ chicken, remember to use a recipe that allows the taste to soak into the chicken, and also to create unique food items such as inside out burgers. Creating entrees such as this will cause guests to remember your BBQs for summers to come. 

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